Release Notes for Version 1.5

A major update!

FREESTYLE — move, rotate and resize each individual subtitle for more visual interest.

SRT CLOSED CAPTIONS — import or export SRT subtitle files.

COLOUR TRENDS — a selection of new colour schemes that we’ll update over the seasons.

HOVER SUPPORT — for iPad users with pointing device or Apple Pencil.

FULL SCREEN ZOOM — see your subtitle previews full screen to check the finer details.

Here’s everything else…

  • Improvements to the experience when starting a new document in Script mode, with import & paste options
  • Improved interactions with subtitle cards — tapping anywhere in overflowing text now splits on the first overflowing word
  • Import or export subtitles as a text file
  • New full screen background style
  • New subtitle issue warning if Freestyle text is going to be clipped
  • Landscape orientation support for full screen preview of landscape aspect videos
  • Share the current document from the Export screen
  • Much improved UI responsiveness throughout, especially when editing styles.
  • Lots of performance and battery improvements
  • Bug fix: Some missing localisation strings for U.S. English
  • Bug fix: A crash that could happen if splitting a subtitle just at the end of its duration
  • Bug fix: Export popover only showing once on iPad
  • Bug fix: Subtitle issue warnings not always auto-selecting the active subtitle
  • Bug fix: Subtitle area brackets in Style > Layout now correct when max lines is one