Get early access to new features in Beta Releases!

By joining the TestFlight Beta you get access to the both the latest features and the latest bugs so bear that in mind! We love your feedback (see community).

How the Beta releases work

Our Beta releases are a separate app to the main App Store release, and you can have both installed on your device at once. This comes with some considerations:

  1. Betas have Pro features enabled by default for free.
  2. Betas always include the Captionista Beta watermark on all exports.
  3. Betas may crash or do weird things more than the App Store release, that’s the whole point.
  4. Betas expire after 90 days so if we haven’t released a new Beta for a while, you will lose access to the Pro features for free.
  5. We reserve the right to restrict access to the Betas at any time or change the features available, remove Pro, make the watermark uglier etc.

Alright, alright give me access to the Beta already

⚠️ Documents created or updated with the Beta may not load in the App Store release. The apps have separate documents folders Captionista and Captionista ß so keep new Beta documents in the latter folder and be careful when using Recents to make sure you don’t make your existing documents unreadable in the App Store release.

You must first install Apple’s TestFlight app and then you can install the Beta. Follow the instructions on the TestFlight page when you get the link.

Don’t want to join a mailing list so we can let you know about updates? We get it, you can just get direct access to Captionista Beta.