The world is in a mess…

We want to help in a small way by giving activists and journalists free Pro access to short form video subtitling on iPhone and iPad

We made Captionista not just to make the best video subtitling and captioning app we could for iPhone & iPad. We made it because we wanted to help activists and journalists worldwide get their message out to people effectively and easily.

We believe businesses have a responsibility to make the world better, and as software developers it’s not often we get the chance to move the needle on social and global issues.

Video is the way to reach people now — and they often have audio switched off on their feeds so your efforts to make a compelling video can be wasted. Subtitles are of course good for accessibility. It’s also important to respect the audience, e.g. do not use ridiculous fonts with badly aligned ugly text and hard-to-read colours!

Subtitles shouldn’t be painful to add, and they’re always worth the effort. Just do it whether or not you use Captionista, but we think you’ll find it much easier if you do.

While Captionista is a free subtitling app for everyone to use it does include a watermark on exports and some feature limitations.

How to get it

You need to be an activist/journalist posting videos in support of good causes. What are these good causes that qualify? They include, but are not limited to:

  • Defence of human and reproductive rights
  • Campaigning for action on the climate crisis
  • Reporting in support of Ukraine in the war Russia has inflicted
  • Campaigning for financial equality and tax justice
  • Campaigning for racial and gender equality
  • Campaigning for accessibility and rights for the disabled

If your cause is not listed here, talk to us. If it’s doing good we can probably help!

Note: Captionista is an app for iPhone and iPad. It does not support Android and never will, I’m afraid.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install the free version of Captionista from the App Store
  2. E-mail me, Marc Palmer with details of your campaigning or journalism, with a couple of links showing your connection to the organisations you represent and posts you’ve made or plan to make
  3. Enter the promo code that I send you into the App Store to redeem it. The promo code enables a subscription in the app for free. I’ll keep renewing it too if you need it.

Not sure how to get started? You can join us on our #activism channel in Discord for help getting started.