A video isn't finished until it has subtitles.

Get more engagement with your videos, make them more accessible and do it super fast. Beautiful, accurate subtitles and captions for social video posts make all the difference.

Free with subscription options

Transcribe it Yourself

That's right, you type the text. Any text. Listen to the video slowed down and type. If there's no audio you can still add subtitles. No embarrassing AI mistakes, no missing punctuation or capitalisation. Words matter!


The unique editor allows you to maximise emotional impact. You watch the video and tap the words in your text to split it into a new subtitle at the right time

Pre-Flight Check

Make sure the videos you share look great on the social networks that matter to you. Captionista will warn you about video quality, size and duration issues before it is too late!

Auto Size

No more tiny subtitles that people can't read in the social feed. Pick a subtitle style, and the font will use a size that is legible to most people in social feeds on phones

Beautiful Text

Text and subtitle backgrounds are rendered to perfection with balanced padding and alignment

Free — No Ads!

Completely free to use with the default subtitle style themes and colour schemes. No ads, no selling your data, ever

Pro Subscription for advanced use

A single low-cost subscription unlocks all styling options to match your branding & remove the video export watermark and all future features

Own Your Content

Export your videos with the subtitles "burned in", so you get to choose the style that is used wherever you share

Hot Takes, Fast & Fresh

With the unique import, transcribe, Tap-Time and export work flow you can subtitle short videos on your phone in seconds