What's new in 1.5 — iPad Hover

Screenshot of a single subtitle from the timing editor showing the new iPad split cursor

In version 1.5 we added hover support for people using iPads to subtitle their videos. Throughout the app buttons will lift or highlight when the pointer is over them, but we also added a special new cursor to the Timeline view where you split your subtitles.

This great feature makes it very clear what will happen when you tap to split a subtitle, shows when it is not possible to split, and will also indicate when it will set the start time of the subtitle instead — this being a nice power-user feature of tapping the first word in a subtitle. On M2 iPads, you can even see the split cursor as you hover the Pencil over the words.

Using a pointing device like Magic Keyboard’s trackpad or a bluetooth mouse on iPad makes for a desktop-like experience, especially when paired with an external display. There’ll be more to come on our desktop-class experience for iPad in future.