Saved Themes, Bubbles and Export to Photos in version 1.1

After our initial release flurry in September, we’ve now shipped 1.1 which brings some great new features for free and Pro users!

@captionistaapp Captionista 1.1 is live in the App Store with Saved Themes for custom styles, a new rounded "Bubbles" background style and express Export to Photos. 👉 Free download, search App Store for Captionista #iosapps #aesthetic #subtitles #subtitlesforthedeaf #captions #apps #iphonetricks ♬ original sound - Captionista

Custom Themes

Consistent subtitle output is important if you have a brand style you want to stick to, or a series of posts that look good together. We have added the ability to save your own subtitle themes with full styling and layout controls in the Style editor. Your saved themes are synced across your devices with iCloud, and can be shared as files to other Captionista users who have a Pro subscription.

Time for Bubbles!

We’ve added a “Bubbles” subtitle theme for all users, just like the rounded style used in Instagram Reels. We’ve also made this background style available to all custom themes.

Easier exports

You can now press a single button to export direct to Photos without a share sheet. Perfect for keeping your subtitled video safe in your Photo Library ready for sharing on multiple social networks.

Bug Fixes

Of course we also fixed some bugs and made other improvements!

  • We reduced the range of some styling sliders to keep results looking good for shadows, outlines and padding.
  • Visual glitches when showing the long-press on slow speed button are fixed.
  • We fixed a bug where 4K videos might be described as “low resolution” and the downscale to 1080p HD option was not shown on export.
  • A situation where rapid cancellation of an export could cause the UI to freeze has been improved.
  • Better handling of save and export errors, especially related to low storage space.
  • We Improved the background padding algorithm for styles with rounded corners, to maintain visual balance.
  • Fixed a bug where switching categories in the Themes tab did not reset scroll position in the new tab
  • Resolved an issue where the Timeline view subtitle cards might have excessive top and left padding if a large shadow offset is used in the style.
  • Solved a problem where text outline thickness would not always update when the thickness values are small.
  • Some crashes related to document autosave were resolved.