What's going on? A Beta update

We know what you’re thinking… the last Beta build was on 7th January… and it has now expired, what is happening?

First off, we just released a new Beta today that is good for another 90 days. It doesn’t have any changes over the last one, except that it is 100% more runnable today than the previous expired version. Get it here.

Honestly, since January we’ve been way down the rabbit hole getting the full styling UI built, and we’re working on some really tricky stuff around localisation support for the text editor and other smart stuff we need for future features. We just haven’t been able to get to a state where we want to ship a new beta.

As a taste of what is to come, have a look at some of the work in progress screenshots. You may notice we’ve made the subtitle timing UI more compact and more generous in terms of space to tap words on screen. There’s also a look at some of the new styling UI:

Screenshot of a the new timing UI showing a video with a subtitle
The updated subtitle timing view
Screenshot of a the new styling UI showing a video and theme thumbnails
The updated subtitle styling themes view
Screenshot of a the new styling UI showing a video and the subtitle text formatting options
The updated subtitle text styling view

The styling options are nearly finished and include selecting custom fonts, alignments, subtitle safe area insets, and a range of background styles. In terms of our roadmap, once this styling UI work is done, we have work to do on the advanced export options and “Pro” purchase code and then we’re really in polishing and bug fixing. Sorry… we can’t give you a useful ETA but we’ll be pushing for late June.

We should be ready to do a new Beta with these features in the coming week or two. Thanks for all your interest and support so far!